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Amanda Nube

Amanda Nube

Happy 2019. I do feel off to a “Fresh Start.” I am finally welcoming in that slowness I’ve been anticipating for MONTHS now, wondering when it would come, when the dead of winter would help to stop me in my tracks. Having just moved homes I had a lot on my plate the last 2 months, stopping was rarely part of the equation. And now, from my new home, I watch as the world around me slows down, as the last moon of 2018 disappears and and we enter into the darkest and slowest moontime. Below you will find a continuation of what I started in my last newsletter, a description of this moon/month according the the Hebrew lunar attributes, as well as information about ordering The Moon is My Calendar, a beautiful and useful resource for charting the passage of your days and months in rhythm with phases of the moon for 2019. But first, I must announce

Fresh Start News: I’ve moved my practice from my former beautiful garden studio to the spacious MANZANITA WELLNESS CLINIC, where I hope to serve even more clients who are also being supported by acupuncture or are seeking fertility or postpartum modalities. I will hold a monthly Mayan Abdominal Massage clinic with appointments throughout the day and I will be offering my regular sessions of either Acupressure or Mayan Massage on Thursdays at the clinic. Please continue to call/text/email me directly to book your sessions.

Email at amanda@healingmama.com and call/text at 510-213-0793.
Manzanita Clinic is located at 2818 San Pablo Avenue Berkeley, CA 94702
The next Mayan Abdominal Massage clinic is Sunday, JANUARY 13

The Chinese modalities of bodywork that I do; Tui Na, Shiatsu, and holding acupressure points, are deeply restorative yet offer profound healing work. In addition, Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Massage, is an excellent approach for those seeking to focus on healing reproductive and digestive ailments and can also support fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and the aging process. I look forward to working out of the beautiful Manzanita Clinic. Read more about my massage modalities HERE

Winter Moon
According to the Hebrew calendar. We are about to enter into the moon month of  Sh’vat, which ushers in the New Year of the trees, where some trees offer their first buds, and we pay homage and celebrate all the gifts of the trees. I’ll be teaching about making Elderberry Medicine at

Tu B’Shvat in the Redwoods, January 20, 2019. Elderberries are antiviral and antioxidant making them a powerful stimulant for the immune system.
The following are more attributes and healing allies of this moontime.

The moon of Sh’vat

Attribute: Taste

Stone: Onyx, charisma/illusion/delusion

Incense: Smoke-Raising Herb

Prayer: LOVE

Judaism understands human consciousness as a journey in motion. The phasing of the moon, therefore, symbolizes the human cyclic tendency to reach crescendos of enlightenment, only to plummet into the abyss of confusion, alienation, or frustration. We all experience highs and lows, moments of faith and moments of doubt, moments of hope and moments of disappointment, moments of motivation and moments of being stuck. The lesson of the moon is that phases in themselves are natural and are part of our life process, and that the same forces which phase us into the darkness will in turn phase us gradually into the light, and that when we wane and drop and feel low and uninspired, this too is part of our growing, of our very aliveness. It is the exhale before the inhale.

Breathe in the sweetness of this crisp start to 2019,

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