About Amanda Nube

I became a bodywork and birth enthusiast after the birth of my first child in 2004. I changed careers from teaching and pursued cultivating my skills as a body-worker. I have completed advanced level degrees from the Acupressure Institute and from YogaKula, Berkeley. I am a certified doula through Cornerstone Doula trainings, and have completed Professional Level training with the Arvigo Institute for Mayan Abdominal Massage. In 2005, I began working for the community I had previously served in as a teacher in Fruitvale, Oakland. I offered massage therapy, prenatal, and restorative yoga at the Native American Health Center for several years. Since then, I have taught in health centers, gyms, yoga studios, and prenatal health clinics. Today I continue to work with communities needing access to healing services through the YMCA as well as in my private practice. I am committed to offering quality bodywork, reproductive health services, and yoga that works to restore our energy and living systems to their optimal harmonious states.


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