“Claim what is sacred to you and insist that your birthing traditions reflect the most intimate and holy desires of the soul.”

Yoga babes

As a certified acupressure massage therapist and therapeutic yoga instructor, I offer my skills and insights. As a birth and mothers’ advocate, I offer a strong sense of support as well as my trust in and respect for the birth and menstrual process. As a doula, I offer childbirth preparation, labor support, and postpartum healing. I believe in cultivating the vital life force we hold within us during pregnancy and menstruation.

PRENATAL & POSTPARTUM BODYWORK: I work with the energy meridians, energy centers, and healing imagery associated with Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine and bodywork. I combine this foundational knowledge of ancient and traditional medicine with my training as a massage therapist, sacred menstruation coach, & birth doula.

ENERGY HEALING: I use energy medicine to work directly with the energy of the body and relieve physical ailments and the emotional imbalances associated with them. Healing on an energetic level brings with it deep states of release, relief, and restoration of life force energy. A session may include a guided relaxation process, a healing imagery journey, a movement or yoga sequence, a bodywork session, a ritual or ceremony. It may be a combination of any or many of these modalities depending on what each person needs or feels most comfortable with.

MENSTRUAL AND POSTPARTUM WRAPPING: During a menstrual or postpartum wrap a long piece of fabric or a shawl is used to wrap around the mother’s abdomen and tucked in to fit snugly and comfortably. The wrap can be performed ceremonially and moved to include wrapping sections of the body for support from head to toe, while ceremonially “closing” and completing the energy centers there that were opened during the birthing process.

Benefits of Belly Wrapping & Energy Healing:
Gentle compression supports post-birth digestion and elimination
Lessens likelihood of postpartum depression & colic
Aides the organs in returning to place
Reduces extra tissue of abdomen
Helps to stabilize mood and ease transition of not being pregnant
Aides in return of sexual interest
Deep feeling of comfort and support

Becoming a Parent:

The transition to parenthood is as exciting as it is challenging, physically and emotionally. The experience of birth can be a significant rite of passage, whether empowering or humbling, as well as one that can include feelings of sadness and anxiety as well as lack of postpartum support. In the long history of traditional healing therapies from around the world, the prenatal & postpartum period is a critical time for healing and caring for the mother, child, and family. The physical, mental, and emotional environments are all significant factors in health and well-being during this major life transition. Experiencing emotional distress or trauma, undergoing medical procedures, and/or the use of drugs can effect the ability to adapt and heal with ease during the first year or more with a new infant.



“Wrapping my belling and the use of oils in my early postpartum care were a tremendous comfort and benefit for me. Wrapping stabilized my walking, helped me sleep more comfortably and supported me when I was carrying my son. I could feel the support of the wrap deep within my body.”